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Abu Talib’s Protection of the Rasool

18 Dec

Tareekh of Abul Fida:

One day some men from Quresh, including ‘Atba, Shaiba, Abu Sufyan, Abu Jahl, Waleed ibn Mughaira, and ‘Aas bin Wael, came to Abu Talib and said: Your nephew calls our beliefs false and says that our ancestors were misled. Either stop him from saying all this or stop aiding him, else there will be a war until one of our groups is destroyed. Abu Talib went into the house and related to Muhammad all that the Quresh had said. Rasoolallah replied: My uncle, if these people put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left, I will not stop doing what is right. Abu Talib said: Do what you have to do. I will never abandon your support.


Abu Talib recited some couplets:

O Muhammad, you called me to Islam and I knew that you were truthful

Certainly I believed that the religion of Muhammad is the best of religions

By God, as long as I am alive, none from Quresh can harm you.


These lines of poetry clearly indicate that Abu Talib believed in Muhammad’s message from the bottom of his heart.