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Hamza ibne Abdul Muttalib

19 Dec

Tareekh of Ibn al-Wardi:

One day, when the Rasool was sitting on Mount Safa, Abu Jahl passed that way and used extremely insulting words for the Rasool. The Rasool remained silent. At that time, Rasool’s uncle, Hamza, had gone on a hunt. After he returned from the hunt, he came to know of Abu Jahl’s words to his nephew. He went towards Ka’ba. At that time he had a bow in his hands. When he saw Abu Jahl, he hit him such a blow with the bow that Abu Jahl’s head bled. Then Hamza addressed Abu Jahl, saying: You insult Muhammad! Don’t you know that I follow his religion? Hamza then came to the Rasool, recited the Kalema: There is no God except Allah, and professed Islam.