Marriage with Lady Khadija

9 Dec

Abul Fida:

When Rasool was 25, Khadija bint Khweelad, who was one of the richest business women of Arabia in those times, heard of his trustworthiness and requested him to lead a trade caravan to Syria for her. Rasool accepted and made a successful trade trip to Syria. In this journey, he was accompanied by Mysara, a servant of Lady Khadija. Upon his return, Mysara praised Muhammad and related to Khadija Muhammad’s excellent qualities that he had observed during the journey. He also related that whenever Muhammad went under the hot sun, there would always be a shade that would move with him. Hearing all this, Khadija was extremely impressed and proposed marriage. Rasool accepted this proposal and married Lady Khadija.* Rasool never married another woman as long as Khadija was alive.

*The ceremony of the Nikah of Rasool Allah and Lady Khadija was performed by Abu Talib.

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