All Ancestors of Rasool Allah were Believers

2 Dec

In exegesis of verses 217-219 of Surat ash-Shua’ara (“Put your trust in the Almighty, the Merciful, Who sees you when you stand up, and your movements among those who prostrate themselves”), Fakhruddin Raazi, in his tafseer states that “those who prostrate themselves”, mentioned in verse 219 refers to the ancestors of the Rasool who were all monotheists and true believers.

[This clearly gives lie to the belief of some Muslims that Ibrahim’s father was an idol worshipper – May Allah protect us from falsehood. The name of the idol worshipper mentioned in Qur’an, whom Ibrahim addresses as father – was Azar, whereas the name of Ibrahim’s father was Tarekh as mentioned in Tabaqat of Ibne Sa’d. Please see yesterday’s post. According to Shia scholars, Azar was Ibrahim’s uncle and Ibrahim addressed him as father because he was the patriarch of the family.]

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